Top 10 Web Design Trends in 2021 - Every Designer Should Know

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You have got hundreds of options for designing your Web Pages. It can be simple pages designed by you or you can even take help of various web designing templates available both free and paid over the Internet.

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You can use simple tools like FrontPage or Dreamweaver to build your website. The selection of the right tool depends upon your own objective and the presentation style you are looking for. You can also hire a professional group, but it all depends upon your taste and requirement. Do you know that you can even generate web pages from MS Word or MS Excel?

Top 10 Web Design Trends in 2021

Once you have completed the formalities for domain name booking, its your turn to build your website. Now let us understand the basic purpose of building a website. Why do you need a web site? You want to propagate your portfolio to the world through the web site. A teacher may like to highlight his teaching experience or some useful notes for the common students whereas a company highlights its products & services, Quality and the Client list proclaiming its branding in the market. The challenge is to present your profile to the world in a crisp manner. Remember an average surfer will focus on your page for about 8 to 10 seconds within which one need to convince him.
The advantage is you can express your unique ideas or your experimented knowledge to the world from a space that only you own. So the chances of stealing your ideas to become their owner is nullified as you own the copy write for your website contents. You retain your pioneership. Your unique innovations remain your rights forever. There are sites, like, which will detect and let you know, if anybody else tries to copy your thoughts/ ideas and the cyber world is more active than ever before with strict laws for the wrong doers.

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The world goes ahead by copying and it has grounded its root in our mind and soul.
How can we ignore the fact that it might be Mcdowell or Amway who have transformed it? How should we proceed? We can copy if only we know how to sell someone else’s concept or original work with our own innovative expression. Lets take an example.
Suppose you are teaching Windows Basics to somebody, which others are also doing.
Especially Microsoft web site is showing the features in significant details. We can always try to sell the same Windows Basics through our innovative approach to make it palatable and present it to the readers to build our own brand.
The only point worth a note is that Website is a continuously evolving process. Never treat it as a project that has got a definite starting and end point. Building your website once is not the end of the road but you need to continuously change it while keeping it up and running. Obviously web sites will consume substantial time and effort on your part.
But every cloud has a silver lining!


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Website building is no more a Himalayan task. Rather the innovation and technology marvels have made it easier than ever. You need not even know html or any graphical packages to build your own website. There are hundreds of downloadable templates (both free and charged) available over the Internet, which you can use to build your website. You will find several sites where various Java scripts are available to set your website alight. Your job is more of assembling everything and presenting it in a descent manner. Nevertheless, there are plenty of freelancers and web design companies existing on the web itself whom you can easily hire to build the website as per your choice and host it for you. The cost is very affordable and economical too!

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But don’t delay! Your chosen domain name may become unavailable tomorrow!
Web host are the companies that house your domain. On cyber space a computer server becomes the host. A server can be of different types based on the operating system, like Unix/Linux server or Windows server. Each of them has got their unique advantages.
However, the fact of life remains that a Web host will own a server in which he will allocate some space for you to host the website you create. It becomes the responsibility of the host to make your website live on the internet/online community as well as to maintain it properly to keep it up for 24x7 hours. It’s the unwritten business ethics of the host to intimate you, if for any reason server becomes non-functioning for a certain period, but is should never exceed a couple of hours.
You need to do a quiet a lot of research work before choosing the right host and server. A bad host or server can create mayhem to your business.
Now let us discuss some options that come to you free. A lot of sites offer you free space for hosting your site. Mostly these sites display their own advertisements or sponsors’ ads to earn.
Once you have built your web pages, you need to upload them to the specific server, so that people can view your vision/ mission/objectives/goals in an elaborate manner.
Once you book the domain name, the agent or the service provider gives you a user friendly, wizard based Control Panel for managing your domain. As the Control Panel gives one the real control over his domain it deserves a very high level of security and can be only accessed through the right combination of a valid username and password.
You cannot only transfer or park your domain from the Control Panel but also manage various services like Changing of A-Records or MS Records, URL Forwarding etc.
If you book the domain name and server space from the same service provider, then managing your entire hosting activities become a cake walk, but if two are from two different vendors, then all these jargons come into the picture, but don’t worry! The technology marvels have made it a much simpler task for you. Let us site an example, if you change the A-Record of your domain to another valid IP address, your domain will search for the pages in the changed IP Address instead of the default one.
There is hardly any problem if you treat your own PC as the hosting server. You need to ensure that it is up for literally 24 hrs a day and all 7 days a week. The formula of 24x7 has got importance because your website will be visited by different people located at different parts of the world. Just imagine the working hours at United States are the wee hours for the Indians. You may fall asleep, but your web server CANNOT.
Control Panel allows you to create email-ids of your choice and the number of such email-ids depends upon the package or contract that you have purchased. Most importantly, it provides you the username and password for FTP (File Transfer Protocol). FTP is a must to upload or download files to or fro the server. They have got many wizard based FTP tools readily available whose list starts with WS_Ftp, Cute Ftp, ACE Ftp, and Smart Ftp. The options are really varied. You can also accomplish the same job just from the command prompt of your Windows operating system. However, once you complete the entire process, then only people can browse your site, the way you are browsing this article right now.

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